Chews Jefferson

Chews Jeffersonis the catchy title of a new event of the Promotion Committee in coordination of the Mahanay Bell Tower’s Tower Tunes Liveconcerts.  This is the third year of the daily live concerts from 12:15 – 12:30 pm with local musicians sharing their talents by playing the carillon.  An idea emerged to draw people to eat their lunch while listening to the concerts near the Tower.  It is like Java & Juice, only bring your own lunch and it is on Wednesdays!

The Promotion committee contacted local eateries to offer a take-out special on Wednesdays in June.  One restaurant each Wednesday would be the featured spot for people to stop in and get a $5 take-out lunch. Call ahead to have it ready for you.  Then head to the Bell Tower Plaza, Thomas Jefferson Gardens, or Sally’s Alley to enjoy the concert during lunch.  Everyone is invited to “Chews Jefferson” on Wednesdays.

Lynda Cochran and Angie Reese-Heuser are chairing this event for the month of June working with restaurants in the Main Street District. Debra McGinn is helping with publicity.   The Promotion committee plans to work with the Chamber of Commerce to see if other restaurants around Jefferson would be willing to offer a $5 take-out meal on a specific Wednesday during the rest of the summer.

Mahanay Maestros

The Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower is now a full four octave 47 bell instrument with the additional bells installed before the 2017 Bell Tower Festival.  A truly unique experience for musicians with at least two years of piano experience is to play the digital keyboard located just one floor up from the lobby.  In the past two years, 40+ local and visiting musicians have shared their music at the “Tower Tunes Live” daily concerts from 12:15 – 12:30 p.m. These concerts are played live each day from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Since the musicians choose their own music, many people eat their lunch near the square and try to name the tunes played by the musicians.  

Throughout the entire year, three songs are played on the bells digitally after each hour so visitors always have a chance to hear the Carillon Tower.  The Westminster Chimes chime on each quarter hour with each hour sounded as well.  

A music committee from the Bell Tower Community Foundation have been organizing these concerts through an online calendar.  Musicians who would like to be contacted should email or contact Becky Greiner, Pat Richards or Peg Raney with contact information.  Check out the schedule on the Mahanay Bell Tower Facebook page or at the website  See the Image Gallery of our Mahanay Maestros!