Bells are arriving!

Word has been received that forty-two bells will be arriving in Jefferson on Wednesday, May 24 & Thursday May 25.  The first bells will arrive around 7 a.m. The large transporter from the Verdin Company of Cincinnati, Ohio will bring the bells directly to the downtown square.  Residents are encouraged to come out and enjoy this historic occasion.

Since August of 2016, there have been just five bells left in the Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower. Nine bells were taken down by a large crane and transported to the Verdin facility to have the strikers replaced.  These nine bells will be returned along with the remainder of the bells purchased by donors. The total of 47 bells will constitute a full four octave carillon.

The Verdin Company expects it will take quite a few days to hoist the bells to the top of the tower with a large crane.  Other electrical and roof work will be completed by the crew during this time, so the carillon is planned to be in working order by May 31.