Tour groups welcome to the tower

Tour groups of all ages and sizes are welcome to make an appointment to tour the tower.  Considering the size of the group, Pat Richards, the staff coordinator would make sure there are more staff members to make the tour run smoothly.  Call the Chamber of Commerce at 515-386-2155 to get the ball rolling on a visit to Jefferson and include the Mahanay Tower among other great destinations in Jefferson and Greene County.

Upcoming groups coming in August are classes of children from the Early Learning Center, and a  Mystery Tour of about 30 people on a bank sponsored tour from Storm Lake.  In July, a bank in Des Moines had 48 people make a day of being in town.  There are often groups of ladies spending the day in Jefferson with the Tower as part of their itinerary.

Tours are available throughout the year even after the Mahanay Tower closes for the season. Labor Day will end the daily hours for the tower but it will be open the weekends in September and October from 10 am – 4 pm.