New Bell Tower Music Policy in Jefferson Means Music Will Ring Once Again

The Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower will once again have music ringing from the 47-bells.

The Board of Supervisors approved a music policy that outlines requirements that must be followed in order for live and pre-programmed music to be played on the bell tower. Some of the main requirements include not allowing outside requests for music to be made, only certain days and times will be allowed for live performances that are performed by an approved list of 80 maestros, and pre-programmed music will be played after every top of the hour chime from 8am-8pm. The policy also stipulates from William Floyd Mahanay’s will when he donated the tower that 50-percent of the music that is played must be sacred and patriotic. 

The Supervisors decided to temporarily suspend all music from the bell tower this past January after they denied a request to have patriotic music played on Inauguration Day. Since then a committee with County Attorney Thomas Laehn, some of the Supervisors and members of the Bell Tower Community Foundation worked to draft the finalized policy. 

Supervisor Chair John Muir believes the policy makes it more official of the previous agreement between the County and the Bell Tower Community Foundation, which is the organization that helps to enhance the bell tower.

“We took for granted how it was ran, what went on and what decisions were made. It was pointed out to us that there were some cracks that we needed to seal up to make sure we had everything covered. I think they worked together and went through it thoroughly so that everybody’s interests were taken care of.”

The Board also approved Peg Raney as the music coordinator for four years and Bill Monroe as the Mahanay Musician for four years. Raney shares her experience working on the policy as a member of the foundation.

“We appreciate that the Supervisors as owners of the tower itself, we really appreciate this relationship. We just really look forward to having the bells play again and see how we can move forward here this summer.”

A copy of the policy can be found below.  


April 28, 2021 – Raccoon Valley Radio