The Jefferson Chimes

A musical contest has been announced by the Mahanay Music Committee of the Bell Tower Community Foundation.  An original, short, musical phrase that can be played on the carillon will be used to call people to special events in the community.  Musicians should consider how the Kentucky Derby bugle call, the Westminster Chimes, or the CBS tones are recognizable and serve as a brand.  This contest would create an identifiable musical phrase specific to the Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower as a fanfare before special events.

Musicians are asked to submit entries in written notation by June 1 to  A suggestion is to use the two octaves above and below middle C.  A committee will review all entries by listening to them played on the carillon and make a recommendation to the Greene County Board of Supervisors.  The winning fanfare will be officially named “The Jefferson Chimes” and debuted at the 2023 Bell Tower Festival calling people to the Opening Ceremonies.  This chime will continue to be used to call people to other special events in the community.

For more information or questions, please go to or contact music coordinator Peg Raney.  

Mahanay Tower Is Open

The Mahanay Bell Tower is open to visitors and boy, have they been coming! Masks are optional at the tower and for the comfort level of our visitors, we may limit the number of people in the lobby area and observation deck. But for the most part, our very friendly and knowledgable staff is ready to welcome you and your family & friends!

The Mahanay Bell Tower is open daily beginning Memorial Day weekend from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Admission is $3 for adults and FREE for youth age 18 and under courtesy of our Rotary Club of Jefferson. They are sponsoring the youth admissions as they celebrate their upcoming 100th anniversary as a club.

There is so much to see on your trip to the Mahanay Bell Tower. You will hear the beautiful 47 bells play. The view is spectacular. With five rooftop art installations that you can only see from the enclosed observation deck, it is a unique experience for sure. The countryside is gorgeous and the view of our beautiful downtown Jefferson is spectacular.

The four Ring Out for Art sculptures are in place on the courthouse plaza and there are two special alleys for you to see – Sally’s Alley on the south side of the Square and Arch Alley on the north side. Our Greene County Courthouse is outstanding to see if you can visit during the week when it is open. The Thomas Jefferson Gardens are located on the southeast corner of the Square and are simply stunning to walk through and enjoy. They have chimes to play and a special children’s garden area too. The Welcome Center is located at these Gardens with brochures on many other attractions to visit and places to go.

Make plans to visit Jefferson for these attractions as well as great shopping and places to eat!