Rooftop art

A third installation of rooftop art was installed in May, 2017 by the Tower View Team members.   The committee painted four quilt designs on large sheets of  aluminum and adhered them to the roof of a building in the downtown square.  This piece is entitled “Patches of Greene” with each quilt design depicting an important aspect of Greene County: Railroad Crossing, Antique Tile, Card Trick & Whirling Windmill.

The second art installation in June of 2016 was hand-painted by local artist Nicole Bennett-Tuel on the roof of her studio, Prairie Blue.  Her piece is called “Wild Woman on the Roof”.  You need to see it to decide if you think this woman is really wild or not.

The first rooftop art was installed in June of 2015 on the roof of Skeeter Creek Fabricators Art & Antiques.  Stephanie Hammond doodled these three pieces and they were printed on sheets of aluminum.  Ogren’s Graphics printed and adhered these pieces to the rooftop.

Bring your family to visit the Mahanay Tower and see all three of the art installations.