Let the Bells Ring

The Memorial Day weekend of 2017 will be remembered for the installation of the long awaited four octave carillon.  Five bells were already in place and playing the Westminster Chimes since August of 2016.  The Verdin Company of Cincinnati, Ohio was the contractor to cast the 18 bells in Holland, put the strikers in all of the bells and transport to downtown Jefferson.  All of the bells were engraved with donor names or messages.  Those are all listed on this website.

Wade Weiss, Greene County Engineer, was the project manager overseeing this amazing project.  He coordinated the large crane used to hoist the bells to the top of the tower.  Verdin employees attached the bells throughout the weekend.  All was completed on Memorial Day.  A large number of residents and visitors enjoyed watching the show of raising the bells to the top.  Many remarked being there in 1966 when the first 14 bells were put in position.  This was history in the making!

The next step will be checking the entire carillon system to make sure all bells are in perfect working order.  The programed recordings of bell music will now be able to play the real bells.  Live Tower Tunes Concerts are being planned with local musicians providing the talent.  The daily concerts will also be recorded to play on the bells again.

The Bell Tower Community Foundation has worked with the Greene County Board of Supervisors and City of Jefferson to complete this goal of the four octave carillon in Jefferson.