Christmas Tower Tunes Live concerts

Local musicians will be sharing the Christmas spirit this season with live music from the Mahanay Memorial Carillon. Each Thursday from 5:15 – 5:30 p.m. and Sunday from 12:15 – 12:30 p.m. a variety of holiday music will be shared with the community. These concerts will begin on November 19 and continue through December 20. Musicians include Michelle Fields, Rick Morain, Wendy VanderLinden, Rhena Lane, Danille Curtis, Pat Richards, and Yvette Bardole. The Bell Tower Community Foundation Board organizes these concerts and appreciates these volunteers known as Mahanay Maestros sharing their talents.

Several bells had been damaged during storms this summer and are now repaired. The community can expect to hear the full 4 octave carillon being played.

Bill Monroe continues to manage the music that is played digitally with several songs playing after each hour. The Westminster Chimes play each quarter hour and rings out the hour.

The Mahanay Bell Tower is now closed for the season but visitors can make an appt. with small groups to visit by calling Jefferson Matters: A Main Street and Chamber Community office at 515-386-2155. COVID precautions are in place for visitors and staff.

Bells are repaired

Six bells of the carillon have not been ringing due to storm damage late this summer. With these bells placed on the outer edge of the framework, a large crane was needed for the Verdin Bell Company technicians to reach them. This work was completed on Nov. 12 – 13. Now the full carillon of 4 octaves is in great condition and ready for the holidays.

Bill Monroe continues to change out the music for carillon to play digitally with several songs after each hour. The Westminister Chimes also play each quarter hour and ring out the hour.

Tower closed for regular hours but open by appt.

The Mahanay Bell Tower has closed for the season but is open by appointment. Small groups wishing to make an appt. can call the Jefferson Matters: A Main Street & Chamber Community office at 515-386-2155 to schedule a visit. COVID precautions are in place with masks required and a limit of 5 people in the observation deck at a time.

Youth 18 and under are free courtesy of the Greene County Community School Foundation and $3 for adults. The tour includes a history of the tower and an elevator ride to the Paul Nally Observation Deck at 120ft. The bells play the Westminster chimes at each quarter hour. The bells ring the hour followed by several songs played digitally on the bells.

Local musicians will be playing the four octave carillon on Sunday afternoons from 12:15 – 12:30 pm and Thursday evenings from 5:15 – 5:30 pm during the holiday season.