Did you know?

  • It is not common for a carillon tower to have an elevator, but we do!
  • Our observation deck is 128 ft. up and has a great view of the countryside.
  • The Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower is 14 stories high.
  • There are five rooftop art installations that can only be seen from the Mahanay Bell Tower’s observation deck and another one planned for the summer of 2022.
  • The chimes play on the hour and quarter hour and are called the Westminster Chimes.
  • The Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower has hosted a number of weddings through the years.
  • The Mahanay Tower is one of only 4 full four octave carillons in Iowa with 47 bells.
  • Musicians with 2 years of piano experience are able to play the carillon on a digital keyboard – and they do!