Tower Tunes Live concerts daily

Mahanay Maestros continue to entertain residents and visitors with daily Tower Tunes Live concerts. Every day at 12:15 – 12:30 pm, a musician volunteers to play the four octave carillon. Their play list is their own preference of selections. This provides a wide variety of music.

Some of these musicians are local but several are from outside of Greene County. Each has been trained and approved as an official Mahanay Maestro. Mahanay Musicians who have played during the summer of 2021 so far include: Rick Morain, Sheryl Sloan, Danille Curtis, Bonnie Orris, Rhena Lane, Rita Rasmussen, Josey Weaver, David Howell, Janice Harbaugh, Lisa Rasmussen Ott, Jenny Wills, Bob Hauser, Tanner Taylor and Jana Taylor.

The Tower Tunes Live concerts will continue daily through Labor Day.

4th of July Tower Tunes Live Concert

The Tower Tunes Live concert on Sunday, July 4th will be played by Jefferson-Scranton alum and professional musician Tanner Taylor and his wife Jana Taylor. This will be their first time playing the carillon here in Jefferson. This special concert will begin at 12:15 pm and the public is encouraged to arrive early in the downtown area to listen. 
Tower Tunes Live concerts were kicked off on Memorial Day. The concerts are played by local and visiting Mahanay Maestro musicians daily at 12:15 -12:30 pm. 

Tanner & Jana Taylor